How to compare home insurance quotes online in the UK?

Whether you are in a flat or a house, getting the best home insurance policy is necessary. Having home insurance is may not be a legal requirement, but it can cover huge costs caused by fire, theft and flood damage.

There are two main parts of home insurance in the UK: building insurance and contents insurance. These can be bought separately or combined in one policy.

Building Insurance:

It covers loss and damage to the structure of your property like garages, sheds and fences and covers the cost of replacing items.

Contents insurance:

It covers household items and personal belongings like furniture, clothes, computer, fridge etc.

Get cheap home insurance quotes:

Comparing home insurance quotes will be quick and straightforward when you have the following things in your hand.

  • Details of your home: You will need to provide the number of rooms, when it was built, type of roof.
  • Locker types and alarms: Most of the insurer wants to know the locks you have on external doors.
  • Details of the past claim: It will be declared in your renewal documents. If you don't have it in your hand, you can reach your previous insurance provider.
  • Rebuild cost of your property: The cost of rebuilding your house from scratch if the worst occurred and it was destroyed behind repair.
  • Value your personal belongings: The estimated cost of replacing your belongings if they were broken, lost or stolen.
  • Details of your roof type: Which materials have been used on your roof, such as asphalt, tile, slate or thatched.

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